Hiking Waihe’e Ridge Trail

I had no idea of where my friend Theresa was taking me. I only knew that I was going hiking and we’d be gone about 4 hours.

The day was sparkling. Really, how else would you describe a perfect day on Maui? The island was vibrant with color. And after experiencing the zipline last week, I was ready to meet the challenge. Though until we were standing at the bottom of the Waihe’e Ridge Trail, which started with a steep 200-foot cement road, I had no idea of what that challenge was going to be.

After crawling up the concrete road (well, if it had been any steeper I may have) you veer off onto the trail and you keep going up, and up, and up for 2.5 miles, until you can’t go any farther and you are standing in front of the END OF TRAIL sign.

The entire hike had incredible views of the island. Last week from the zipline I could see the West Maui Mountains; now here I was looking back towards the Piiholo Zipline and Haleakala.

On our journey we met some hikers visiting from Montreal. One claimed she wasn’t a workaholic (yes, that is one of my first questions now when I meet someone) but her friend set her straight. Apparently she was in denial. We immediately bonded, not because we are both workaholics, but for our love of Maui and France.

I know this sounds a bit banal, but it was awesome standing on top of that hill.

A hill. That’s what the guidebooks call it, but I swear it was at least a small mountain!

We started the walk in the sun and ended it with a pleasant rain. It took Theresa and me three hours to complete the 5-mile round trip hike. And I’d happily do it again.

Any suggestions of other things I might do? Don’t even bother saying I should go swimming with the sharks!

Note: Once I got home I looked up the Waihe’e Ridge Trail online. Some sites say it is 4.5 miles round trip, others state 5 miles. Obviously from my above posting I’m going with the 5 🙂

It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. No, it’s a Workaholic Ziplining Over Maui

Wow, the universe works in mysterious ways!  The day after I committed to taking five and learning the art of playing, the zipline dropped into my lap (not literally).  There I was, heading out for a walk, when I bumped into my neighbor.  During our conversation I told her how I want to start having fun and learn how to play, and she told me the Piiholo Ranch Zipline was having a deal for kama’ainas (locals) this weekend!  Regularly $190 per person for—get this—$60 each.  It was like a neon sign flashing in my brain, “See! You are meant to have fun, to play! GO and fly the friendly skies on a zipline!”

I think I got a little carried away with the attached video.  At least it’s short. Sorry about the film quality, but the music is great!  Steven and I had a blast!  The best thing was that while being suspended in space I never once thought about all of the work waiting for me back at the office.  How could I while zipping over Maui!  The time went by way too fast; the two hours felt more like 15 minutes. Would love to do it again, but will wait for another kama’aina deal.

I have to admit that once we got back home it was not easy staying out of the office, but I was determined.  Also that night it was hard to fall asleep as thoughts of all that I needed to do started filling up any empty voids in my head.

Don’t know what’s up for next week, but I am sort of looking forward to it.  Maybe I will end up being a cured workaholic after all.

Piiholo Zipline