Day 4 – Hiking at Twin Falls on Maui

View of West Maui Mountains & the island of Molokai

On day four of my mission to have fun living on Maui I started the morning by walking to the top of Une Hill to take in the magnificent views, and ended the day hiking at Twin Falls with Steven.

Twin Falls is a seven-minute drive from our house. Let me say that again. Twin Falls is a seven-minute drive from our house—and we haven’t hiked it since the 1990s. I have only one excuse: I’m addicted to work, and as you know by now, that’s why I’m writing this blog.

Twin Falls Fruit Stand

For some reason I thought Twin Falls would look the same after all these years, but there have been improvements. Now there is a fruit stand out front, and where we used to have to climb over a makeshift barbed wire fence, there is a gate to enter the property. A hui has owned it for a number of years (our friend Bodhi Be is part of it) and the owners caringly maintain the trails and even provide port-a-potties. In return, they only request that you respect their land. There is a box near the entrance if you’d like to leave a donation for all of their hard work.

Where it got the name Twin Falls I don’t know, since there are actually four waterfalls on the property. The first two are relatively easy to access, located off the main dirt road, but we kept walking until the road ended. We followed the trail up past the third and fourth falls, where a couple of families were hanging out and having fun. We kept on hiking until, to the delight of a horde of mosquitoes, we arrived just in time to be dinner.

Unlike the easy walking trail of Waihe’e Ridge, the upper part of this trail is a bit precarious due to tree roots, so you have to watch where you step. But the reward of swimming in the pond is worth it.

By the time we made our way back to the upper falls, everyone had left; guess they didn’t want to feed the mosquitoes. Once we were in the water, the tiny bloodsuckers weren’t an issue. There is nothing like swimming in a waterfall to remind you that you live in Hawaii. The thought of work was erased from this workaholic’s mind.

As we made our way back to the lower falls, we passed quite a few people. It seemed like everyone we spoke to was from a different country. I was hoping to finally use the swinging rope at the first falls, but alas, it was no longer there. I did film some kids jumping from the rocks into the pond, but as you saw in the video, the lighting wasn’t very good and the footage is hard to see.

When we left I promised myself it would not take me years to get into my car and drive the seven minutes from my house to enjoy the falls again.