Day 20 – Ukulele Music…home spun

Honey Bun & the Coconuts are a group of thirteen Maui residents that enjoy getting together to play their ukuleles and perform to willing listeners. They have found the perfect venue to do that at the Pukalani Club House, located at the Pukalani Country Club, in upcountry Maui.

I apologize for the poor film quality of the performers. I’m going to blame it on the camera 🙂

Kris, owner Leslie Frankel-Avila, & Travis

Several people told us about the ukulele show and we were curious to check it out. The restaurant’s Chef Proprietor, Leslie Frankel-Avila and the servers Kris and Travis are friendly and the environment quite festive when the music began.

It was a low-key evening. We felt more like we were at a friend’s home than a restaurant.

Steven & our friend Diana – A nice surprise, we didn’t know she was going to be there with her husband John. 

Apparently many of the patrons gather together every month to attend the ukulele show; there is only seating for about fifty customers, so reservations are necessary.

For more information on the restaurant and Ukulele show go to

Next week I want to eat less and move around more!

Day 19 – Line Dancing in Pukalani…the video says it all ☺

If you want to laugh at yourself and any willing friends, try Line Dancing. (Better make sure they are friends with a good sense of humor.)

My willing friends and I headed up to the Pukalani Community Center last Thursday at 7:00 p.m. for a free initial class.

The teachers were fun loving and patient. No one made us feel like we were fools even though we looked it.

I went on YouTube and checked out line dancing sites—it’s not what it used to be. Like the Paniolo Dance poster says, line dancing ain’t just country anymore. To name a few styles, there is tango, swing & Latin.

For more information on the class we went to click on

Don’t know about the others, but I’ll go back.

Mahalo to Sharon Morris and Wendie Rhody


Note to Susan:  Next time we visit you in California we’ll go with you to your class. (That’s not meant as a threat.)