Day 7 of Writer Take Five ~ Hiking Polipoli State Park

Now I can check hiking Maui’s redwood forest off of my list of things to do. Steven wasn’t interested in joining us, so my friend Theresa and I headed up on our own.

It was sunny when we left Haiku, but by the time we reached Polipoli State Park we were in the clouds with a steady drizzle of rain. I was glad that I’d brought a hooded sweatshirt and wish I’d had hiking boots versus tennis shoes. Not that the trails were difficult, but they were very wet, slimy and slippery.

Maybe it’s because I don’t get out enough, but hiking Polipoli felt a little bit like an adventure to me; slip sliding up the trails (hence the song choice on the video); passing where wild pigs had recently been rooting up the trail and wondering if any second one would come charging out of the woods after us, as we stepped over their huge piles of poo.

Just how large was the pig that left this?








I have to be honest, we pretty much missed out on enjoying the redwood trees. (I know, how can that be???) We came upon a small grove of them and thought great this must be the beginning. Fortunately I stopped and took a photo (yep, just one), but I didn’t know that was going to be it. By the time we realized that there was no large grove we were a good mile past the majestic trees and I wasn’t willing to turn around. The majority of the hike we were surrounded by pine, cypress, eucalyptus and ash trees.

Walking in the clouds didn’t allow us the opportunity to see the great vistas of Maui, but it held a sense of magic, and gave us the eerie feeling that at any moment Edward and Bella from the Twilight Saga were going to appear in the mist.

Mostly what we saw were a lot of large piles of pig poo, amazing looking mushrooms, and beautiful lichen growing on the trees.

The photo is blurry, but it gives you an idea of how large the mushrooms were.

The entire loop hike took us 3 hours. (We allowed time for proper placement of Menehunes.) It was fun leaving the tropics and spending the day 6200 feet up on the crater; where it felt as if winter had arrived.

Will I go back?

Maybe on a beautiful sunny summer day.

Note: Watch the video and you’ll understand the Menehune reference. In fact you should always watch the videos if you want to see photos of my outings. Make sure you turn on the volume.