Day 37 – Bicycling the Paia-Kanaha Bike Trail

To me bicycling is like skiing, but without the uncomfortable boots.

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Maui Cyclery - where we rented our bikes - Mahalo to Donnie Arnoult

Maui Cyclery – where we rented our bikes – Mahalo to Donnie Arnoult

WHAT A FUN DAY! It was great to be on a bike again. Last time Steven and I rode was in 2002 when we were working on a project in Florida; learned that Florida is way to hot for cycling.

But here on Maui, not only was this a beautiful and sunny day, the trade winds, which give Maui the title Wind Surfing Capital of the World, were down to a gentle breeze; so we weren’t bucking the headwinds.

Jessie at Maui Cyclery, setting Steven up with a bike.

Jessie at Maui Cyclery, setting Steven up with a bike.

We started in Paia, at Donnie Arnoult’s shop, Maui Cyclery. It made more since for us to rent bikes, than to take the time and have ours repaired due to lack of use.

The Northshore Greenway, what I refer to as the Paia-Kanaha Bike Trail, is a lovely fourteen mile round-trip ride for novices (at least when the trade winds aren’t happening, otherwise the ride back can be challenging), because it is flat and there is only a short stretch of about a quarter of a mile where you are on the highway; after that you can cut through the subdivision along the golf course until you hook back up on the actual trail. Parts of the trail are in the shade, but the majority of it is in the sun, so wear sun block.

The first part of the trail takes you to Baldwin Beach, which is always stunning! Then you get a rather uninspiring view of the backside of the Maui Airport.

Back of Maui Airport

Back of Maui Airport


After a smooth 30+- minutes of riding you’ll end up at Kanaha Beach Park, which is known for windsurfing and kite sailing. But today, since the winds were calm, none were to be found.


Lae`Ula O Kai Canoe Club - Kanaha Beach

Lae`Ula O Kai Canoe Club – Kanaha Beach


Instead, the Lae`ula O Kai Canoe Club was having a fund raising regatta.




Bumped into my friend Holly - she is a member of the canoe club

Bumped into my friend Holly – she is a member of the canoe club


Kanaha Beach is very family friendly with windsurfing, kite sailing, canoeing, and volleyball. It is also a short bike ride, about 2 miles from there to Kahului; if you want to make a quick stop at Alive N Well, Down to Earth, or Whole Foods, for a snack…yes, there are junk food restaurants too, but I just can’t get myself to mention their names.



So, bicycling is high on my list of fun things to do! It was a great way to spend the morning. By the end of the ride we were both invigorated and enthusiastic about going out again.

Kahana Beach & West Maui Mountains

Kahana Beach & West Maui Mountains

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Day 17 ~ Happy New Year from Maui, Hawaii

Since this is the last week of 2011, when it came time to put my little slide show together I was compelled to remind myself (and that also means everyone that watches the slide show) about the past four months of my life.

One thing I’ve learned is that having fun can be a lot of work, and working can be a lot of fun.

Twice a year my friend Prapata and I hook up on our birthdays for a walk up Holomua Road and lunch in Paia.

Holomua Road, near Ho’okipa Beach. It’s a lovely walk, ending at the old Maui High School.

Prapata lives in Kihei, which is a long 40-minute drive from my home in Haiku. (I’m being sarcastic; yes we do only see each other on our birthdays, but it’s not because she lives too far away, it’s because I’m a pathetic workaholic.)

This year our birthdays slipped by without celebration…until last week 🙂

Prapata & me at Fresh Mint Restaurant








In a few days it will be 2012. I’m looking forward to it; we have a lot of projects we’re working on…. ooh I guess I’m not cured of being a workaholic yet. I’m also looking forward to what the next 35 weeks of fun will bring; more hiking, visiting the island of Molokai, swimming with turtles, maybe paragliding…time will tell.

See you next year.

Day 13 ~ Uniquely Paia – Maui’s North Shore Beach Town

The historic town of Paia on Maui’s north shore has gone through many incarnations; one as the booming plantation town with a Mercantile where Milagros now holds court; until the early 1970’s there was a movie theater in the remodeled building that now houses the Moana Café and Wings Hawaii. As its days as a plantation town began to wane, the hippies moved in making it the happening spot for the peaceful, love, sex + rock-n-roll generation. Then with its next incarnation when Maui garnered the title of Wind Surfing Capital of the World, it transitioned from sleepy surf town into a metropolitan microcosm. Still, in its current manifestation it holds a unique and sweet spirit that is innate to Maui.


Welcome to Paia (pronounced PIE-EE-AH)

For a while it is where the dead heads gathered after Gerry Garcia (of the Grateful Dead fame) passed and it was rumored that Maui was where Gerry’s spirit came to reside. Maui in general, and especially Paia, is a place where even living famous people can come and let their hair down, relax and not be followed around by adoring fans. For example, when I first moved here I was completely unaware that George Harrison (yep, of the Beatles) had walked past me, until a friend I was with said something to me; Walter Becker from Steely Dan was in my Tai Chi class; back in the early 1990’s Kenny Loggins and then girlfriend Julia Cooper rented Steven’s guest house.

Fresh Mint Restaurant

Currently Paia is a mix of local families from the plantation era, hippies that are now grandparents, yuppies trying to make a-go of it with their high-end boutiques, a slew of restaurants, which personally I feel are some of the better ones on Maui; from Mama’s Fish House (about a three minute drive north of the town), to the deli at Mana Foods (one of the highest grossing health food stores in the nation).

Anthony’s Coffee Shop – Steve’s favorite hangout

Last summer before I started my blog and began my journey of learning how to have fun, I was told that Paia had started a street fair, every fourth Friday evening of the month. At the time I thought about all of the shops in Paia that I’d never taken the time to go into and maybe it was time I at least poked my head inside of them. Well if you watched my little video you know that Steven I and finally made it out on a Friday night, and we had a really nice time. Had a great meal at Fresh Mint, saw friends we hadn’t connected with in awhile, enjoyed music by local musicians; even saw Paia’s version of a snowman.

Apparently the upcountry town of Makawao has a street fair every third Friday of the month—we’re going to hit that one in December.

See you next Thursday.

For more about our sweet little beach town, go to

To view vintage photos of Maui’s small towns, check out the book Upcountry History and Memories, by Jill Engledow.

Harpist Irene Ryding

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Kisha Milling – Hoopnatyze

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Door by Tim Garcia – Quote on door by artist Fred Babb, 1947-2006.