Day 5 of Writer Take Five ~ The Maui County Fair

The County Fair: now that wasn’t something I had planned on attending, but when my friend called and suggested that Steven and I go so I could post it on the blog we figured why not, like everything else it had been years since we’d been to the fair.

When we arrived it was lightly raining but it didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits; the Fun Zone was packed with kids of all ages.

Maui County Fair from Wray Ardan on Vimeo.

We were hoping to see the Hula Hoop Demo & Contest, but couldn’t find it. (No I’m not joking, the fairs website said there would be one.)

Jackfruit – can grow up to 36″ long & weigh 80 pds (36kg)

While taking photos of some of the locally grown fruit I overheard someone say, They’re just weird looking. And I have to agree.

Durian; looks like a weapon from the dark ages. They grow up to 12 inches long

Sweet Sop are the size of a large pine cone, & a beautiful cherry color


















I hope the video of the dancers turned out on the attached movie. I thought that I had taken footage at the fair, but unfortunately I hadn’t actually turned the camera on. (Don’t snicker, it could happen to anyone.) But I did have the camera running when I filmed the dancers at Ka’ahumanu. Hula dancers just seemed like a must have on a video about the Maui County Fair.

Even though we had a very nice time, I don’t think we’ll go back to the fair next year. Once every decade should suffice.