Day 35 – Hiking Upcountry…on private land

Yes, it is private land, 6,000 feet up in elevation and not open to the public, but fortunately for me, my friend Kathy has access to it, so along with her two dogs, Lilly and Picasso, we headed up late one afternoon.

Hike all the way up the hill, and beyond.

Hike all the way up the hill, and beyond.

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We were hoping for a grand sunset, but as you can see from the photos, the clouds settled in, which held a beauty all its own.


It was a lovely hike; ended up needing the hooded sweatshirt I took with. The cabins are from a time long ago, though they are still used as hunting cabins. What a great place to hideout and write! (I can dream.)


Sorry I can’t tell you where it is, but there are so many other wonderful places to hike on the island that I’m sure missing out on this one will be all right with everyone.

It was mellow and peaceful and reminded me of something I’d read by Maui’s slam poet, Kealoha (translation: “The Love”), about the need for adults to incorporate recess & playing back into their lives. In fact the article was so moving to me that I went online and sent him an email, thanking him for his inspiring words. For more about him, here is a link to his website,

Kealoha is an internationally acclaimed poet and storyteller who has performed throughout the world — from the White House to the `Iolani Palace, from Brazil to Switzerland. 

W+dogs2As I write this weeks posting, it is my wish that my weekly outings are encourage others to go out and have fun…do not just live vicariously through me. Take the time for recess, like you did when you were a kid. It doesn’t have to be a daylong event, just jump around, swing your arms in the air and smile from deep inside.

Until next week ~ Aloha



Day 15 ~ Waihou Springs Hike ~ Olinda, Maui

View from Waihou Springs trail

Photos don’t do the Waihou Springs Hike justice; you had to be there, surrounded by the silence, the scents, the beauty.

Though it will come as no surprise to anyone following this blog that it has been years since I took the time to drive the 25 minutes from my house to enjoy these upcountry trails.

Kailua Gulch – 30′ rock wall


Situated off of Olinda Road, at the 4000 foot elevation the hike is fairly short; you have two choices, the loop, or the loop along with a short switch back path that leads you down 30 feet into the Kailua Gulch; where you end up with a view of a rock wall with tunnels carved into the side, which are used to divert water. (Though hiking up and peering into one, it didn’t look like water had flowed through these tunnels in quite sometime.)

Walking at a moderate pace, the entire hike takes no more than one hour. Yes, it is short and sweet, but for me, breathing in the scent of the pine, cypress and eucalyptus trees is a great way to feel the late fall season, which in Olinda is quite different then the jungle foliage of Haiku. Along with the Twin Falls Hike, I will not wait so long to return.

Makawao’s street fair is coming up this week—hope it is as fun as the one in Paia was.


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