6 Days of Fun on Maui – October 2012 Blog

I’m back.

Can’t believe it’s already been four weeks since my last posting. Time flies…and thanks to my sister and brother-in-law, I’m still having fun 🙂

Some of you reading this may already be aware that my sister, Robin, and her husband, Ed, surprised me for my birthday. It was a quick trip; they arrived on a Wed (thank goodness the house was pretty clean), and they left the following Monday.

Robin & Ed

Robin & Ed

But during that time we PLAYED!

With only four full days on Maui, each day was packed.

Apparently while following my blog, Ed realized that he had a “bucket list” and that flying in a glider plane was number one on his list.


Ed, preparing for take-off

Ed, preparing for take-off


So the day after their arrival, Robin, Ed, and I, headed to Hana and Ed met up with Hans Pieters at Skyview Soaring.

Where as I flew along the coastline, Ed went farther and higher, and not only enjoyed the coastal views, but glided over Haleakala Crater.

Ed, Robin & Hans

Ed, Robin & Hans








Nutcharee's Authentic Thai Food ~ in Hana

Nutcharee’s Authentic Thai Food ~ in Hana

We also stopped at my favorite Hana eatery, Nutcharee’s Authentic Thai Food. Again, the meals were great! Their coconut soup is especially tasty.


The next day Steven joined us and we went up to Piiholo Ranch, in Olinda, for a two-hour horseback ride. Now this is some kind of a record for me, horseback riding twice in one year. Steven says the last time he was on a horse was back in the 1970’s…he’s more into riding waves.

Look at the size of the horses that Ed & Steven rode. Mine looks like a toy :)

Look at the size of the horses that Ed & Steven rode. Mine looks like a toy 🙂

Our guide, Lori, was great. Told her that I wanted a small, slow, horse and that’s what I got; & I loved it! 

Olinda had been having a lot of rain, so I was a bit concerned what the trails would be like, but the day that we went it was sunny, and there were only a few spots with mud. There are some great views from the trails, not so closed in as when I went riding at the Makawao Forest Reserve.

It was a really fun family day!

The third day we headed over to Wailea; checked out the artist’s displays, had lunch, and did some shopping.

On their last day we finally made it into the ocean. Well, at least Ed and I did. Robin has always been more of a horse kind of gal, than a water babe (unless she’s on a sailboat).

Ed & Wray - Baldwin/Baby Beach

Ed & Wray – Baldwin/Baby Beach

And then the next day they left. As I said, it was a quick trip.

And in the blink of an eye, it was time for Steven and me to get back to work…but, as I’ve always said, Steven and I love what we do, and are grateful we can do it for a living.


Robin & Wray with their father, Cal. circa. a while back :)

Robin & Wray with their father, Cal.
circa. a while back 🙂


A friend recently made me aware that you can tell a persons general age by whether or not their childhood pictures are in color or black-&-white.

Good thing I rather like black-&-white photos.

I still haven’t convinced Steven to do the home improvement blog, but I’m hopeful.


I’d like to thank Robin and Ed for the fun filled days. We really enjoyed the chance to share Maui with them.

Wray with Apache, at Piiholo Ranch

Wray with Apache, at Piiholo Ranch

Until next month, ALOHA