Day 44 – An unexpected game of miniature golf

Our side of the island is still pretty wet, so once again we put off plans to hike in the bamboo forest. Instead we had grand intentions of hiking the service trail on the front side of Haleakala Crater. We were all set with hiking boots, hats, snacks, etc and set off for our fun filled day, but as we approached Makawao we saw that the crater was socked in with clouds.

We opted to hike on a day when we wouldn't be in the clouds

We opted to hike on a day when we wouldn’t be in the clouds

Hopeful, we headed up to La Provence Restaurant in Kula, thinking the clouds might burn off while we had a bite to eat, but no luck.

Looking out towards the west and east coasts of Maui, which were sunny, we decided to drive over to Ma’alaea Bay and play miniature golf.

Maui Golf & Sports Park

Maui Golf & Sports Park


Now I have to tell you, I golf…miniature or otherwise, as well as I bowl, which means I’d probably do better if I were blindfolded.

In spite of the fact that I truly love bowling and mini golf, the last time I’d done either was over 5 years ago, which doesn’t help to improve my skills. (I use the word skills loosely.)

But actually, my pathetic abilities are exactly what make it so much fun.

HOLE-IN-ONE - Whoopee Unfortunately I was dressed for the crater which is 10,000' in elevation. Shorts would have been nice for down here at sea level.

HOLE-IN-ONE – Whoopee
Unfortunately I was dressed for the crater which is 10,000′ in elevation. Shorts would have been nice for down here at sea level.


To say the least we laughed a lot. As you can see from the photos (I opted not to have Steven video my stylish techniques), I did have a, hole-in-one. (I must have had my eyes closed.)

But the majority of my shots didn’t even stay on the green. Guess I’m a bit heavy handed.





Fortunately we were oblivious to any “rules” to the game, so Steven only beat me by two points.







Afterwards we went and saw the animated movie Brave. Mini golf & an animated movie; I call it our “tween” day.  



If you’re thinking of seeing the movie Brave, it was good but not great. Steven didn’t fall asleep, which is always a good sign, but you may want to wait and see it on DVD.

Two of the parks lovely helpers, Alyssa & Kira.

Two of the parks lovely helpers, Alyssa & Kira.


If you’re on island, I recommend you have a go at miniature golf. We really did have a good time.

The Maui Golf & Sports Park is located in Ma’alaea, by the Maui Ocean Center; for more info, click on their website.



Rock Climbing - think I'll try it next time.

Rock Climbing – think I’ll try it next time.


They also have Rock Climbing, Bumper Boats, and X-Treme Trampoline.


OH – a little follow up from last week. Good news, Kim at Maui Computer Care was able to retrieve all of the 9,000+ photos of Steven’s art that had vanished from my computer last week. Though apparently the ones of us snorkeling have vaporized forever.



Bumper Boats

Bumper Boats


8 days/weeks of fun left 🙂  More hiking is high on my list, as well as soaring in the sky.

Until next week – have fun!

Day 43 – La Perouse, Maui ~ Snorkeling


Snorkelers by Steven Lee Smeltzer

Like the heading on this post implies, we went snorkeling—but today appears to just be one of those days. I uploaded my blog photos onto my desktop computer and seconds later the system crashed. It is now at Maui Computer Care and my fingers, legs, and toes are crossed…I’m considering braiding my hair too, hoping that Kim will be able to save my all of our photos (especially of Steven’s art) in iphotos.

Maybe it’s due to the recent solar sun storms. Maybe it’s due to the upcoming Malware virus — in spite of the fact that I have a Mac, not a PC, and that the virus isn’t supposed to hit until Monday. Click HERE for a Malware article.

In lieu of photos of us snorkeling, I’ve opted to post a video I took of our friend Robert. I recorded it back in Sept 2011, when he and his family were visiting, and I was first starting on my yearlong journey of learning to have fun.

Click HERE if unable to view video.

The photos, as well as the video I have posted have nothing to do with this week’s day of “fun”, but they are some of the few items I had saved on my laptop.

Photo taken of me last Sept at Baldwin Beach


Though I have no photos to prove it, the other day, Steven and I headed over to the south side of the island early in the morning to go snorkeling at La Perouse Bay.

It has been quite some time since I’ve/we’ve gone snorkeling and it was a blast. Felt good to be in the ocean and there was a decent amount of fish to see…and be seen by. Didn’t spot any dolphins, so we may try our luck on another day.



A heads up for those of you that have never been to La Perouse; the road is narrow, there are no lifeguards, or toilets, and the shoreline is rocky. The place can get fairly crowded, especially on a nice day.

Snorkelers by Steven Lee Smeltzer

Couldn’t find any great sites about it to pass-on, but HERE is one, so you can see a few photos (& a map) of the area—since I haven’t any to share with you.

All for now. Hopefully I’ll have my desktop computer back before it’s time to blog next week. Meantime, if you have a PC you may want to read the above article on the Malware virus.

Have a great week!




Day 40 – Beach Day – long overdue

After two weeks of too much eating, I finally got moving, and as our parrot would say, OOU-EEE!

What a great day! Steven and I went to D.T. Fleming Beach over by the Ritz Carlton in Kapalua. In 2006 it was listed as one of the best beaches in America.

Steve took me there about 24 years ago, at the time we had a blast and he said he’d bring me back. And true to his word he did…. it just took him two decades. Well, better late than not at all!

D.T. Fleming Beach - Molokai Island in the distance.

D.T. Fleming Beach – Molokai Island in the distance.


I’m positive it won’t take us that long to return. To be fair to Steven, I rarely suggested it, and Fleming’s Beach is an hour from our house; taking the time has never fit into our creative flow. (And besides, there are great beaches 15 mins from our house that I rarely go to.)




Yulia, Wray & Dan. The view from the I'O Restaurant.

Yulia, Wray & Dan. The view from the I’O Restaurant.

But this week we had extra inspiration; along with needing to do some deliveries, our friends Yulia and Dan Merriam were still in town, so we met up with them for dinner at I’O Restaurant… yes, I did eat too much again. But at least I also got some exercise.




The I’O Restaurant is pricey, though it has an excellent and tasty selection of veggie and carnivore dishes. We sat on the patio with a lovely view of the sunset.

Steven & Dan

Steven & Dan




Me at Fleming's Beach

Me at Fleming’s Beach


Being in the ocean cleanses my mind and my spirit. It was a great way to prepare for another busy few months.

And, we will go back!

Just a little reminder, this Sunday is Father’s Day.


Aloha, Wray

Day 35 – Hiking Upcountry…on private land

Yes, it is private land, 6,000 feet up in elevation and not open to the public, but fortunately for me, my friend Kathy has access to it, so along with her two dogs, Lilly and Picasso, we headed up late one afternoon.

Hike all the way up the hill, and beyond.

Hike all the way up the hill, and beyond.

If unable to view video, click HERE


We were hoping for a grand sunset, but as you can see from the photos, the clouds settled in, which held a beauty all its own.


It was a lovely hike; ended up needing the hooded sweatshirt I took with. The cabins are from a time long ago, though they are still used as hunting cabins. What a great place to hideout and write! (I can dream.)


Sorry I can’t tell you where it is, but there are so many other wonderful places to hike on the island that I’m sure missing out on this one will be all right with everyone.

It was mellow and peaceful and reminded me of something I’d read by Maui’s slam poet, Kealoha (translation: “The Love”), about the need for adults to incorporate recess & playing back into their lives. In fact the article was so moving to me that I went online and sent him an email, thanking him for his inspiring words. For more about him, here is a link to his website,

Kealoha is an internationally acclaimed poet and storyteller who has performed throughout the world — from the White House to the `Iolani Palace, from Brazil to Switzerland. 

W+dogs2As I write this weeks posting, it is my wish that my weekly outings are encourage others to go out and have fun…do not just live vicariously through me. Take the time for recess, like you did when you were a kid. It doesn’t have to be a daylong event, just jump around, swing your arms in the air and smile from deep inside.

Until next week ~ Aloha



Day 33 – Hiking Wai’anapanapa, Hana Maui

A few hours in Hana and its essence seeped into my pores. The days following the hike I experienced a sense of serenity that I have not felt after any of the other hikes I have gone on so far.

If you are unable to view the video, click HERE

The song on the video is my new anthem! Thank you Jason Mraz; Living in the Moment, is available on iTunes.

ArchRck2My friend Rayne and I did the Wai`anapanapa Coast Hike (pronounced, why-a-nah-pah-nah-pah). I just looked the word up in my Hawaiian language dictionary and it means “glistening water” which is the perfect name for it.

From my house it is about an hours drive east (depending on how many waterfalls you stop to admire along the way). It was the perfect day for the hike, sunny, light trade winds, and with all of the rain we have had, the waterfalls were going off.

The park is just before you enter Hana, you turn into it at the 32-mile marker. We parked at the Black Sands beach parking lot, walked the paved pathway which transitions into a dirt trail, which changes into a lava rock trail. I do want to mention that if you decide to do this hike, you need to look for the “hikers” sign (see photo); or you’ll end up on a loop that only takes you on a 10-minute walk. We thought it rather funny that starting out there are two hikers shown on the sign, but coming back, after a strenuous hike, from the other direction only one is shown on the sign…and it’s right before the cemetery. (OK, guess you had to be there.)

If you see this sign you are hiking in the right direction

If you see this sign you are hiking in the right direction


The hikers sign is up near a small cemetery where a very hefty mongoose lives. Have to admit, the mongooses on our side of the island appear to be malnourished in comparison.






I’m very happy that I recently bought hiking boots. The trail reminded me of the King’s Highway Steven and I hiked last winter; on that one I wore tennis shoes and it was hard on my ankles.



This hike was fantastic. The scenery is absolutely beautiful, with a small Hala tree grove, dramatic sea cliffs, and a view of a side of Haleakala that I rarely get to see. Round trip it is about 7 miles, so take water and a snack.

Even if you aren’t into as intense of a hike as we went on, the Wai`anapanapa State Park offers the Black Sand beach, a freshwater cave (which we didn’t take the time to venture into) restrooms, showers, picnic facilities, camping area as well as cabins (the cabins need to be booked well in advance), and you are only a short drive from Hana.

Looking forward to my next Hana adventure!



Reminder – EARTH DAY is this Sunday, the 22nd of April. We only have one Earth; lets respect her!





For more info on Wai’anapanapa and other Hawaii State Parks  click here –

For info on Heavenly Hana

A bit of info about my friend Rayne:
Tav Rayne has been an Integrated Healing practitioner with great success for over 10 years.  Most recently Rayne has founded OpenSource Healing <> , an online resource for those interested in learning about and receiving a heart-centred approach to integrated healing. <>

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Day 30 – Attempting Aerial Yoga

If nothing else, trying to do Aerial Yoga made me laugh a lot.

Click HERE if you are unable to view the video.

It was another rainy day here in Haiku; the perfect kind of weather to stay indoors and try something new.


My friend Martine makes this style of yoga look easy, but it is obvious from the video that I may not agree. I took my first Hatha Yoga class when I was 16 years-old. Now that was easy. This was a bit of a challenge to get the hang of. (Yes, pun intended.)



Word of advice, if you are prone to motion sickness this may not be for you. Though I did last longer than when Steven and I went out kayaking.

So, my knowledge of Aerial Yoga was pretty limited; I knew you did yoga poses while hanging in the air on a long strip of fabric, much like a hammock. With a little web-search I found this website Just a brief synopsis: Michelle Dortignac created Aerial Yoga; she started teaching classes back in 2006. The site says it’s traditional yoga, which she combined with her background in dance and the circus art of tissu.

I had no idea of what the circus art of tissu was, so I went to Wikipedia ( (Ah, don’t you just love the internet!) The “art of tissue” is featured prominently in the Cirque Du Soleil; to me it is the magical part of the show, when the performers do aerial acrobatics while haning from fabric. Here on Maui they do this in the production of Ulalena ( (Which by the way, if ever you are on Maui you should go see, it is a fantastic show.)

Aerial Yoga ended up being fun! I see why it has a following, though because of my sensitivity to motion sickness, I think I’ll stick to doing yoga on the floor.

I want to thank my friend Martine, for guiding me though some of the simpler poses.


Here on Maui they give classes in Aerial Yoga at Studio Maui, in Haiku.   

Also, I liked this Aerial Yoga video that I found on YouTube  It’s definitely more professional and real than mine. Forgive me Martine. I’m hoping I didn’t totally embarrass you.

Note: Martine is also a wonderful artist and photographer. You can view her photos at

Until next week,                                                                                                                Aloha

DAY 29 – Hiking Mahana Ridge Trail – Kapalua, Maui

Kathy and I headed over to Kapalua yesterday and hiked the Mahana Ridge Trail. What a great way to start spring. After all the rain it felt so good to get out and move.

Honestly, I can only repeat what other blog sites have said about this hike; it is exceptional! Absolutely lovely.

Looking towards Moloka’i

The hike is approx 7.25 miles long and took us 4 hours to complete, which included stopping to take photos and eating a snack. We only saw five other hikers the entire time. And, amazingly two of them hadn’t brought any water. They declined on taking some of our water, but we did pass along apples and tangerines to them. They were heading in the opposite direction and we hope they made it alright. Fortunately a lot of the hike is shaded by trees. Though, about 2 months ago a hiker was helicoptered out due to dehydration. Please, when hiking, take water!

We were grateful for the steps they put in this section of the trail – or we would have had to slide down on our okole’s (fannies)

The terrain is varied; from fern lined paths, to pine forests and banyan trees. You definitely don’t want to miss the short 0.10 mile Pine Loop. That is where we took the photos of the banyan tree roots. The place was breathtaking!

If you go to you can download the resorts trail maps.

Via Kapalua Adventures, the resort offers a free shuttle (though we gave the driver a tip) that will drive you up near the trail head (actually 1.25 miles from it.) If you click on the above posted website, you will see there are shorter hikes that you can take as well.

Speaking for both of us, we had a great time. Can’t wait to head back and check out some of there other trails.

By the way, this Monday, March 26th is Earth Hour – honored around the world by turning off all electrical devices for one hour; from 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM (in your time zone). More info –

For more info on the Mahana Ridge Trail hike, you can go to:

Day 28 – Petroglyphs at Olowalu Cultural Reserve on Maui

Olowalu Cultural Reserve, located at the base of West Maui Mountains, is much more than a place to view ancient petroglyphs.

Click here to view video on YouTube –

Since last weeks posting, along with flash flood warnings state wide, Oahu had a tornado…yes, a tornado, as well as a waterspout over the ocean. It also had hale the size of large marbles and golf balls. Like the rest of the islands Maui is soaked to the bone, so we’ve postponed our hike until the trail has a chance to dry out. Maybe next week. I’ll be ready!

It actually worked out well, in that we are both tired this week (too much work), so instead of hiking we headed over to the one and only bookstore on island. Since Borders went belly-up, Barnes & Noble in Lahaina is it! It may not sound like a fun day off to all of you, but we love going to bookstores and now days it’s not very convenient. (Depending on traffic it can take up to an hour to get there from our house.)

Over the years, I’ve probably driven past the Olowalu General Store a thousand times, and 80% of those times I’ve flashed on the petroglyphs that are carved into the rocks a few meters off of the highway.

This week we finally took the time to stop and check them out, and learned that the reserve is not just set up to protect the petroglyphs (which unfortunately have been vandalized over the years).


Here is a quote from their website:

“Olowalu Cultural Reserve was founded in 1999 as a community based, non-profit organization with the purpose of supporting and promoting the revitalization of traditional Hawaiian culture by providing cultural and educational experiences for Hawaii residents and visitors alike.  The centerpiece of this effort is the Olowalu Ahupua’a which consists of seventy-four acres of land running from the base of the West Maui mountains to the ocean at Olowalu, Maui.  This land once held a thriving, sustainable native Hawaiian Village and as such is rich in historical resources including numerous significant archaeological and cultural sites.  It has been set aside and designated as a Cultural Reserve for the purpose of a culturally sensitive “sanctuary” providing a glimpse into Hawaii’s past making it an ideal environment for programs aimed at restoring and revitalizing Hawaiian customs and practices.”

Please click on their site to learn more –

There is a small parking lot near the Olowalu Reserve sign; from there it is a very short walk on a gravel road, to view the petroglyphs. As you saw on the video, there is a sign marking the area. You are no longer allowed to climb up and view them close-up, which makes it a bit difficult to see the smaller designs. (At times I wasn’t sure which were from 200 years ago, and which were created by the current day idiots that are oblivious of the gift their ancestor’s had left behind.)

Olowalu Fruit Stand – road to the petroglyphs is just to the right of it.

If you want a bit more of a walk, I recommend that you park right off of the highway on the far side of the open-air market, or behind it—not directly in front of the Olowalu Grocery Store.

We were back on the road in a half an hour…but with a new awareness of the islands history.

By the way, at the bookstore we picked up The Hunger Games Trilogy. Already finished the first book and I see why it has been made into a movie.

 The chant on video is by Tia Carrere & Daniel Ho – Wakea, He Nani – Available at iTunes &

Day 26 – Wailea Coastal Walk

Yikes, I’m at the halfway point of learning how to have fun – 26 days to go. 🙂

After a week of rain here in Haiku, I decided to head over to the sun and enjoy the Wailea side of the island.

 Depending on the time of year, you may see whales, turtles, or movie stars.                  Music by Donald Kaulia                                                                                                    Click here to view on YouTube – WAILEA COASTAL WALK

The Wailea Coastal Walk is perfect place to stroll, jog, or power walk along the south shore of Maui. Starting at the Keawakapu Beach, it is 3 miles round trip. (Though we normally park at the Shops of Wailea and cut through the Marriot Hotel.)

On one side of the path you have the beautiful Pacific Ocean and on the other some of the most luxurious resorts that you can find on Maui.

Al Schwartz – Four Seasons Resort

Depending on the day of the week, the different hotels showcase Maui artists; it’s a great venue, where you can meet the artists as well as purchase their creations. Everyone is welcome to stroll through the lobbies and check them out.

Cathy Detrick – Four Seasons Resort

After passing the Kea Lani Resort you’ll come to the end of the walkway; there is a public restroom, picnic table and bar-b-q. You’ll see a short trail through the trees that leads to a lovely beach.


Just above the restrooms is a public parking lot; so you have the option of starting at this end of the coastal walk.

Cameron Nelson – Four Seasons Resort



By the way, if you get hungry, at the Shops of Wailea you’ll find a number of restaurants, as well as at the hotels.

Ingrid Boutin – Kea Lani Resort


And be sure to jump in the ocean, the water is great! During the whale season, go under water and listen to their song.




The Wailea Artist Venues include:

Steven Lee Smeltzer – Four Seasons Resort

 Four Seasons Resort – Daily 8:00 am – 1:30 pm   (Of course the Four Seasons is my favorite; you’ll find Steven there every Saturday :))

Grand Wailea – Tues & Fri  9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Wailea Beach Marriott – Mondays, Thursdays & Saturdays   8:00 am – 2:00pm

The Kea Lani Resort – Daily 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

(Each artist displays their art just one day a week)




For more information on Maui artists go to

Art Guide Maui

And when on island, be sure to pick up a copy—it’s free!

For a bit more info on the Wailea Coast Walk, click here

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Day 22 – Chinese New Year ~ Maui Style

Belated Happy Chinese New Year – apparently depending on the calendar that you follow it is currently the year 4710, 4709, or 4649. (It is also referred to as the Lunar New Year.) This year, Chinese New Year was actually on the 23rd of January, but the celebrations here on Maui were delayed until the weekend of the 28th.

Steven and I headed up to Makawao to feed the dancing lions red envelopes with money inside.

Dancing Lion in search of red envelopes

Why, you ask? Well, for good luck and prosperity for the coming year of course.






There were other lion dances and festivities around the island, but Makawao is close to home and I truly love that little town. As usual, on our now weekly outings, we bumped into friends that we haven’t connected with in sometime; and we really enjoyed the festivities.  It was a fun day!  (Yes, I am having fun!)


Maybe I’ve lived in Hawaii too long, but I’m assuming some of you on the mainland also went to Chinese New Year celebrations. Yes/No?

Chinese New Year has always been big here on the islands. It is the most important of the Chinese holidays and the celebrations last for 15 days, culminating with the Lantern Festival where “sky lanterns” are lit—also in hopes of good fortune and prosperity, and sent floating up into the night sky.

This year is said to be extremely auspicious because it is the year of the dragon. So what exactly does that mean? Well, I am not an expert on Chinese astrology so check out this site, it’ll give you an idea of what to expect in the year of the dragon,    And this site will give you information about the personalities of those born in the year of the dragon, as well as the other 12 signs.

I also want to mention that if you live on Maui or are planning on visiting, make sure you stop by BAKED ON MAUI. They are one of the best bakery/restaurants you’ll find on island.

Baked on Maui – Trish & Kayla

The owner Trish is an amazing baker!!! They are located at 375 West Kuiaha Rd, in Haiku. They are open from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; accept on Sundays they close at 3:00. For more info call them at (808)575.7836, or click here,


Okay, now that I’ve made that plug…and by the way, it is a very sincere plug, back to Chinese New Year; if you want more info, here are a couple of sites you can check out.

For a site with great photos of the New Year celebration in Beijing, click here,

And last but not least, for more info on the town of Makawao click on,

See you next week!