Day 44 – An unexpected game of miniature golf

Our side of the island is still pretty wet, so once again we put off plans to hike in the bamboo forest. Instead we had grand intentions of hiking the service trail on the front side of Haleakala Crater. We were all set with hiking boots, hats, snacks, etc and set off for our fun filled day, but as we approached Makawao we saw that the crater was socked in with clouds.

We opted to hike on a day when we wouldn't be in the clouds

We opted to hike on a day when we wouldn’t be in the clouds

Hopeful, we headed up to La Provence Restaurant in Kula, thinking the clouds might burn off while we had a bite to eat, but no luck.

Looking out towards the west and east coasts of Maui, which were sunny, we decided to drive over to Ma’alaea Bay and play miniature golf.

Maui Golf & Sports Park

Maui Golf & Sports Park


Now I have to tell you, I golf…miniature or otherwise, as well as I bowl, which means I’d probably do better if I were blindfolded.

In spite of the fact that I truly love bowling and mini golf, the last time I’d done either was over 5 years ago, which doesn’t help to improve my skills. (I use the word skills loosely.)

But actually, my pathetic abilities are exactly what make it so much fun.

HOLE-IN-ONE - Whoopee Unfortunately I was dressed for the crater which is 10,000' in elevation. Shorts would have been nice for down here at sea level.

HOLE-IN-ONE – Whoopee
Unfortunately I was dressed for the crater which is 10,000′ in elevation. Shorts would have been nice for down here at sea level.


To say the least we laughed a lot. As you can see from the photos (I opted not to have Steven video my stylish techniques), I did have a, hole-in-one. (I must have had my eyes closed.)

But the majority of my shots didn’t even stay on the green. Guess I’m a bit heavy handed.





Fortunately we were oblivious to any “rules” to the game, so Steven only beat me by two points.







Afterwards we went and saw the animated movie Brave. Mini golf & an animated movie; I call it our “tween” day.  



If you’re thinking of seeing the movie Brave, it was good but not great. Steven didn’t fall asleep, which is always a good sign, but you may want to wait and see it on DVD.

Two of the parks lovely helpers, Alyssa & Kira.

Two of the parks lovely helpers, Alyssa & Kira.


If you’re on island, I recommend you have a go at miniature golf. We really did have a good time.

The Maui Golf & Sports Park is located in Ma’alaea, by the Maui Ocean Center; for more info, click on their website.



Rock Climbing - think I'll try it next time.

Rock Climbing – think I’ll try it next time.


They also have Rock Climbing, Bumper Boats, and X-Treme Trampoline.


OH – a little follow up from last week. Good news, Kim at Maui Computer Care was able to retrieve all of the 9,000+ photos of Steven’s art that had vanished from my computer last week. Though apparently the ones of us snorkeling have vaporized forever.



Bumper Boats

Bumper Boats


8 days/weeks of fun left 🙂  More hiking is high on my list, as well as soaring in the sky.

Until next week – have fun!

DAY 18 ~ Hiking Lahaina Pali Trail

On Sunday, January 1st 2012, a group of friends celebrated New Years Day with me by hiking the Lahaina Pali Trail.

If you have ever hiked this trail you are probably wondering why we would choose to celebrate the New Year by torturing ourselves. (I can hear my friend Karin saying we’re nuts.)

Because I had read that at times the Maalaea entrance gate gets locked, we opted to park outside the main gate off of the Honopaiilani Hwy, where we began the hike. (We’d parked Steven’s truck on the Lahaina side, where the trail ends.)

For those of you that are planning on doing this hike, you can open the Maalaea gate and drive to the parking lot, where you will see the trailhead.  I cannot stress this enough :), if you do not see the information plaques in stone (see photo) YOU ARE NOT AT THE HEAD OF THE TRAIL.

Plaques at the HEAD OF TRAIL – Maalaea side

So, due to the fact that we missed the trail (yeah, yeah, I know…), what should have been a 4 – 4.5 hour hike took us 5.5 hours.  After walking a mile out of our way we backtracked to the sign that said Trail+Parking; amazingly no one called it quits and we all headed up the proper trail.



The trail is rocky with no trees for shade.  You hike from sea level up 1600 feet, where the views of Maui, Molokini Crater, Kaho’olawe and Lani are breathtaking.

Two Nene Geese flying by (circled in blue)

From the western side of the mountain we not only saw whales breaching but we could clearly hear the swooshing sound of air being released through their blowholes.

To anyone considering this hike, we DO NOT recommend that you hike it in the summer!  It was hot enough in January. (Please don’t hate us for living on Maui.)

With that said, whatever time of year you do go TAKE LOTS OF WATER.  I repeatedly read this on other blogs, so we each brought extra and it was still barely enough. (Steven and I took 48oz each & had more waiting for us in his truck.)  We also recommend that you bring enough fruit to keep you going.  And wear a hat; the sun is brutal!  Theresa and I found our walking sticks came in very handy.

View towards Wailea, Maui’s south shore

In the end we all agreed that we were happy we did it, but there wasn’t much chance any of us would ever do it again.

At times the strenuous 5.5-mile trail felt never ending; yet, at the end of the day we were all still smiling and laughing…or maybe it was heatstroke.


Note:  I chose the song on the video because Dec 21st, Solstice, is the longest night and shortest day of the year.  A time to celebrate the return of the sun; plus on our side of the island we had had weeks of rain…Here comes the sun, little darlin’

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For more info on the Lahaina Pali Trail go to Maui Hike Finder