Day 38 – ‘Ulalena, Maui’s version of Cirque Du Soleil

‘Ulalena – A Story of Hawai’i’s People

As you can tell by the quality of this video, I did not create it; I merely uploaded it via YouTube. It was originally uploaded to YouTube by ‘Ulalena Theater on March 2, 2009. For more info about the show click HERE.

This week my friend Theresa invited me to the show ‘Ulalena. Since its opening in 1999, this was the 5th time I attended the show, and as before, I enjoyed it; though five times is probably enough.

For me, it is an hour and a half, Cirque Du Soleil style, history lesson of Maui. I highly recommend that you read the brochure before the show starts, or you may feel a bit lost. Reading it will give you a better understanding of the shows interpretation of Hawaiian lore.

I realize the tickets are pricey (Theresa & my tickets were comped), so take that into consideration before jumping into my recommendation. No, it is not on par with a Broadway show; it is not a full on Cirque Du Soleil production (only 2 acts feature aerial acrobats), but it is an enchanting and entertaining way to learn about Hawaiian history and mythology.

It was a fun evening…girls night out in Lahaina. Headed over to Mala Ocean Tavern for a bite to eat afterwards. Excellent food – veggie and carnivore friendly. We ate inside and it was pretty noisy; out on the deck would have been nicer (next time).

As for my lessons in “learning to have fun”, I have 14 days/weeks left to go. Still looking forward to hiking to the Honomanu waterfall, flying in a glider plane, and a full moon crater hike. I appreciate this beautiful island more and more each week. Wherever you live, I hope this blog has inspired you to take the time to enjoy your surroundings. For me, a lot of my inspiration comes via my cousin Lou Ann, and her significant other, Steve; through their example, I have remained enthusiastic about my journey, and I’d like to thank them for that.

Have a great day, Wray