Day 43 – La Perouse, Maui ~ Snorkeling


Snorkelers by Steven Lee Smeltzer

Like the heading on this post implies, we went snorkeling—but today appears to just be one of those days. I uploaded my blog photos onto my desktop computer and seconds later the system crashed. It is now at Maui Computer Care and my fingers, legs, and toes are crossed…I’m considering braiding my hair too, hoping that Kim will be able to save my all of our photos (especially of Steven’s art) in iphotos.

Maybe it’s due to the recent solar sun storms. Maybe it’s due to the upcoming Malware virus — in spite of the fact that I have a Mac, not a PC, and that the virus isn’t supposed to hit until Monday. Click HERE for a Malware article.

In lieu of photos of us snorkeling, I’ve opted to post a video I took of our friend Robert. I recorded it back in Sept 2011, when he and his family were visiting, and I was first starting on my yearlong journey of learning to have fun.

Click HERE if unable to view video.

The photos, as well as the video I have posted have nothing to do with this week’s day of “fun”, but they are some of the few items I had saved on my laptop.

Photo taken of me last Sept at Baldwin Beach


Though I have no photos to prove it, the other day, Steven and I headed over to the south side of the island early in the morning to go snorkeling at La Perouse Bay.

It has been quite some time since I’ve/we’ve gone snorkeling and it was a blast. Felt good to be in the ocean and there was a decent amount of fish to see…and be seen by. Didn’t spot any dolphins, so we may try our luck on another day.



A heads up for those of you that have never been to La Perouse; the road is narrow, there are no lifeguards, or toilets, and the shoreline is rocky. The place can get fairly crowded, especially on a nice day.

Snorkelers by Steven Lee Smeltzer

Couldn’t find any great sites about it to pass-on, but HERE is one, so you can see a few photos (& a map) of the area—since I haven’t any to share with you.

All for now. Hopefully I’ll have my desktop computer back before it’s time to blog next week. Meantime, if you have a PC you may want to read the above article on the Malware virus.

Have a great week!




Day 24 – Hiking King’s Highway

On Maui’s southern coastline you will find the King’s Highway. Hiking through the lava fields and past the ancient Hawaiian stonewalls, you cannot help but feel the power of the Hawaiian Goddess Pele and the sacredness of these amazing islands.

If you are new to my blog, turn up the volume & enjoy the music. Also, if you are unable to view the video here, click on –

It was quite windy and nearly impossible to hold the camera steady for videoing. I hope you are able to get a sense of the uniqueness of this side of the island.

King’s Highway is also known as Hoapili Trail. You need good shoes and plenty of water. It took us about 2.5 hours round trip. There are actually 2 trails; the one we took today—along the ocean—and another one, just a short distance away; both of them are “paved” with lava rock. Steve wore hiking boots and was fine—I had on tennis shoes and my ankles got a workout.

At this rock wall you have the option of staying on the coastal trail or heading over to what I consider to be the rockier trail.


This is the second time we’ve made the trek and this time it was much easier. Years ago we hiked the upper trail and were lugging backpacks with food, sleeping bags and tents. (It was a work out!)


Some friends did the hike several weeks ago and saw quite a few whales. As far I know there weren’t any today, but then again, I was so busy looking at the trail, watching my every step, they may have been breaching and I just missed it all.

At the end of the trail you come upon anchialine ponds (which were mostly dried up right now). Also there were a number of coral rock walls that some kind people built as wind blocks; which we greatly appreciated! (They were the perfect spot to enjoy the view of the sea–on the video there is a photo of Steve sitting in one of them.)

It was great visiting this side of the island again; and it was the perfect day for it with high clouds and a nice wind.

WOW, couldn’t believe all the large homes that now line the narrow road leading up to La Perouse Bay.

For those of you interested in doing the hike, just get on the Kihei Road and keep going, past the Makena Golf Course, past Makena State Park, and past all the food carts. When you can’t go any farther—you’ll see the sign for the Makena Stable Trail Rides on your left and shortly past it the road ends.

Just down the road is the parking for King’s Highway


Turn right at the bend in the road and you’ll see where you can park. To the left is the trailhead. Since I keep my postings pretty short and sweet, here are two sites you can click on for a little more information.  – scroll down to Hoapili Trail  – scroll down to La Perouse

Thank you to Steven for suggesting the music that is on the video.