I’ve wanted to try kayaking for years, and Steven and I awoke to the perfect day for it. Arriving in Kihei on Maui’s south shore, we rented a kayak and were in the water by 8:20 AM. The ocean looked glassy, and we were ready to paddle along the coast.

Well, now that I’ve done it, I won’t have to do it again.

After bobbing around on what had looked like a calm sea, I recalled how I got seasick in the submarine at Disneyland when I was ten years old. (To the staff’s and other passengers’ relief, I climbed out of the hatch just in time to leave my lunch in the flowerbeds. Yes, I realize the submarine is actually on a track and barely under water.)

For years, my sister and brother-in-law invited me to go sailing with them in Greece, but I wisely declined. So why on earth did I think kayaking would work for me? Mainly because a few years ago, I canoed with some friends on the Dordogne River in France, and was fine. 

Lesson learned: On a calm river, you are gliding downstream. In a kayak, you are bobbing, bobbing, bobbing on the sea. Can’t imagine how I would’ve felt if the water had been choppy.

We kayaked for a half hour, then went ashore to let my stomach settle. After a few minutes, we climbed back into the kayak and started heading back to where we began. I lasted another 15 minutes, slipped out of the kayak into the sea, and told Steven I’d meet him at the Surf Shack where we’d rented our craft. Then I swam to shore and had a lovely walk back on the beach.

Wow, I sound like a schmuck for leaving Steven to paddle the kayak the rest of the way on his own, but I didn’t want to have a repeat of Disneyland.

Don’t get me wrong; in spite of feeling nauseous, I had a really nice day swimming and walking. And while gliding along in the kayak, the views of Maui and Kaho’olawe were beautiful.

I spent my youth boogie boarding. I used to love snorkeling, and in pre-workaholic days I was even certified as a diver. Apparently I do better when I am in the water, as opposed to on it.

Next week I’ll do something on land.