Day 40 – Beach Day – long overdue

After two weeks of too much eating, I finally got moving, and as our parrot would say, OOU-EEE!

What a great day! Steven and I went to D.T. Fleming Beach over by the Ritz Carlton in Kapalua. In 2006 it was listed as one of the best beaches in America.

Steve took me there about 24 years ago, at the time we had a blast and he said he’d bring me back. And true to his word he did…. it just took him two decades. Well, better late than not at all!

D.T. Fleming Beach - Molokai Island in the distance.

D.T. Fleming Beach – Molokai Island in the distance.


I’m positive it won’t take us that long to return. To be fair to Steven, I rarely suggested it, and Fleming’s Beach is an hour from our house; taking the time has never fit into our creative flow. (And besides, there are great beaches 15 mins from our house that I rarely go to.)




Yulia, Wray & Dan. The view from the I'O Restaurant.

Yulia, Wray & Dan. The view from the I’O Restaurant.

But this week we had extra inspiration; along with needing to do some deliveries, our friends Yulia and Dan Merriam were still in town, so we met up with them for dinner at I’O Restaurant… yes, I did eat too much again. But at least I also got some exercise.




The I’O Restaurant is pricey, though it has an excellent and tasty selection of veggie and carnivore dishes. We sat on the patio with a lovely view of the sunset.

Steven & Dan

Steven & Dan




Me at Fleming's Beach

Me at Fleming’s Beach


Being in the ocean cleanses my mind and my spirit. It was a great way to prepare for another busy few months.

And, we will go back!

Just a little reminder, this Sunday is Father’s Day.


Aloha, Wray

DAY 29 – Hiking Mahana Ridge Trail – Kapalua, Maui

Kathy and I headed over to Kapalua yesterday and hiked the Mahana Ridge Trail. What a great way to start spring. After all the rain it felt so good to get out and move.

Honestly, I can only repeat what other blog sites have said about this hike; it is exceptional! Absolutely lovely.

Looking towards Moloka’i

The hike is approx 7.25 miles long and took us 4 hours to complete, which included stopping to take photos and eating a snack. We only saw five other hikers the entire time. And, amazingly two of them hadn’t brought any water. They declined on taking some of our water, but we did pass along apples and tangerines to them. They were heading in the opposite direction and we hope they made it alright. Fortunately a lot of the hike is shaded by trees. Though, about 2 months ago a hiker was helicoptered out due to dehydration. Please, when hiking, take water!

We were grateful for the steps they put in this section of the trail – or we would have had to slide down on our okole’s (fannies)

The terrain is varied; from fern lined paths, to pine forests and banyan trees. You definitely don’t want to miss the short 0.10 mile Pine Loop. That is where we took the photos of the banyan tree roots. The place was breathtaking!

If you go to you can download the resorts trail maps.

Via Kapalua Adventures, the resort offers a free shuttle (though we gave the driver a tip) that will drive you up near the trail head (actually 1.25 miles from it.) If you click on the above posted website, you will see there are shorter hikes that you can take as well.

Speaking for both of us, we had a great time. Can’t wait to head back and check out some of there other trails.

By the way, this Monday, March 26th is Earth Hour – honored around the world by turning off all electrical devices for one hour; from 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM (in your time zone). More info –

For more info on the Mahana Ridge Trail hike, you can go to: