Day 51 – Da Kine – Maui Ocean Center

floortilesWe’d been planning on heading back to Hana and hiking the bamboo forest, above Seven Pools; but it was a rainy day, so we decided to head towards the sun.

Actually, neither one of us was terribly disappointed; just the thought of driving back to Hana made us tired. (We were just there last week.)

Instead we went to the Maui Ocean Center.

If unable to view video, click HERE

When the Ocean Center originally opened back in 1998, we were invited to the grand opening. It was a lovely evening; dinner and a hula show, access to all of the sights. Over the years, we’ve been back a number of times, though, like a couple of other outtings we’ve been on this past year, I’m not so sure I’ll be chomping-at-the-bit to return anytime soon.

Jellyfish Tank - very meditative

Jellyfish Tank – very meditative


For us the best part was the shark tank, and the jellyfish. That’s where we spent most of our time.


Was hoping to have seen more seahorses and octopus, they are always inspiring for Steven.



I really love the way Steven’s mind works.

Steve with 150 of his Fish Fantasticos

Steve with 150 of his Fish Fantasticos







For those of you that are certified divers, three times a week the aquarium allows two pairs of divers to spend 40 mins swimming with the sharks, stingrays, etc, in the 750,000 gallon tank – I believe it cost about $200.- plus you need your own equipment.

Above video by Pacific Network – if unable to view, click HERE

Hammerhead shark eyeing a little girl through the glass

Hammerhead shark eyeing a little girl through the glass

So our day wasn’t the big adventure we’d been planning, but it was still enjoyable.

Have to admit, I’m grateful we got a kama’ainas (locals) discount to the aquarium. If you are visiting on Maui and have children…and are tired of hanging out at the beach, it’s a fun diversion.

Just know it’s also rather pricey.


The aquarium is right next door to the miniature golf, so you can always combine the two activities.

Okay…if you’ve been following my blog, you know that next weeks adventure is #52, and the last of my weekly adventures in learning how to have fun. During this past year, Steven and I have realized it can be a lot of work having fun, and for us, a lot of fun working.WrayTube

See you next week 🙂



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