At this time I’ve completed two books, both inspired by art sculpted by my partner, Steven Lee Smeltzer. Many more stories are brewing in my mind, waiting to be expressed with pen and paper, or more accurately, keyboard and computer. Some ideas burst into my mind spontaneously while I’m reading an article or watching people. Others seem to creep out of the crevices of my brain when I connect with one of Steven’s more inspiring sculptures.

I am currently querying literary agents for my novel The Dark Side of Cloning: Beware. The first in a series of three books for young adults, it’s a romance-thriller filled with humor, danger and the intoxicating passion of first love experienced by fifteen year-old Taylor Lisette as she discovers that evil can be genetically engineered. For a bit more information you can click on the book’s title in the Pages column or by hover over the Books link in the menu.

My book, The Angel of Balance, A Journal of an Angel’s Journey, is quite the opposite.  It’s an illustrated novel that depicts the angel Tequa’s journey from the outer regions of the Universe to Earth. Steven provided the words for Tequa’s friend Zac, while I created the voice of the Tequa. You can see samples of the artwork by clicking on the book’s title in the Pages column or by hover over the Books link in the menu.