Day 48 – Maui, Windsurfing Capital of the World

Playing in the Maui winds; a little windsurfing, kitesurfing & kite flying…more or less. (Okay, the kite flying was actually less than more.)

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Monika, Robert & Michelle

Monika, Robert & Michelle

Saturday our friends arrived from German, and Sunday we all went to Kanaha Beach.

Steven hadn’t windsurfed in 20+- years, where as, Robert windsurfs on his vacations to Maui every year, as well as back home on the lakes near his village in Bavaria. He obviously knows how to have fun. While here, he graciously offered to loan Steven his windsurfing gear.

Many moons ago, before I moved to Maui I took a windsurfing class, but once arriving to Maui I didn’t stick with it. Guess you may have already figured that out, or I’d have some kind of a tan.

Steven sailing - he got up on his first try...not bad after all of these years!

Steven sailing – he got up on his first try…not bad after all of these years!

I wasn’t up for trying it today, though my rib is doing much better, so maybe I’ll give it a go before our friends leave town. It can’t be any harder than kite flying! (You know what I mean if you watched the video. I was rather pathetic at it.)

I mean really, who knew flying a kite could be so difficult.


Kitesails lined up on Kanaha Beach

Kitesails lined up on Kanaha Beach


With my first kite flying attempt at Kanaha, their wasn’t enough wind. Later in the day we tried to fly the kite near our house but the wind was too gusty; so we headed to Baldwin Beach, and had a little better luck.



It had to have been luck because I was definitely lacking in the skill department. But I’ll try it again sometime. It was fun…made us laugh, and that’s what counts.

That's about as high as I got the kite to go. Oh well, I'll do better next time.

That’s about as high as I got the kite to go. Oh well, I’ll do better next time.


Also, Steven said he wants to go windsurfing again…miracles do happen. Having fun seems to be growing on us.




Windsurfing at Kanaha Beach, Maui

Windsurfing at Kanaha Beach, Maui


If you’re on island and want to give windsurfing or kitesurfing a try, check out this site Maui Sports Unlimited




Today it’s raining here in Haiku. But considering that the rest of the island is having a drought, we are content to work in the rain.

If the sun comes out, maybe next we’ll head back to Hana, to Red Sands Beach.

Aloha, Wray

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