Day 47 – Moonrise Kingdom

Official Trailer for the movie Moonrise Kingdom via YouTube

Quirky movie with a great cast, but fell way short of our expectations.


Can you believe it, Day 47, five days/weeks of fun to go.



You may be wondering why I’ve posted a movie clip instead of one of my own slideshows. Well, after bonding with that rock wall last week at the Na’ili’ili-haele Falls, one of my ribs has a hairline fracture, so needless to say, this week I needed to find something low key to do. Which pretty much put an end to our plans of biking down Haleakala Crater, and is why we headed off to a movie.

Our friends arrive from Germany this weekend, and I want to be healed up so I can climb down the cliff to Red Sands Beach with them. Plus at the end of this month we plan on doing a moonlight hike through the crater, which I want to be healthy and whole for.


So, onto Moonrise Kingdom, if you were planning on seeing it, I wouldn’t bother. Kathy, Steven, and I agreed that it wasn’t worth the time.

Smeltzer TWERPS -- enough said.

Smeltzer TWERPS — enough said.

After reading the great audience and critics reviews on the Rotten Tomatoes website, I’ve come to the conclusion that there must be two version of this film; the one that is playing at the theaters on the mainland, and then the one playing here in Hawaii.

Have to admit that after all the glorious days of fun we’ve been having this past year, going to a so-so movie didn’t do much for us. We’re looking forward to our friend’s arrival…maybe Steven will go windsurfing with them. (Yep, of course, it’s been years since he’s done that.)

Until next week,                                                                                                                  Wray

P.S. Since I didn’t have any photos to post of us at the movies ( 🙂 aren’t you glad about that), I posted the two photos of Steven’s latest creations. Yes, I can hear you thinking, what is going on in his mind???  I don’t know, I only take the pictures.